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March 29, 2015

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord


I am going to give up for Lent. That's what a clever theologian wrote this season. I chuckled at this sentiment that can resonate with us all, especially after such a long, winter Lent. But Holy Week exhorts us not to giving up, but to giving in. Let us give in to the Divine Life that God desires for us. Too often we give up. We know too well that in an instant we can go from singing 'Hosanna' to screaming 'Crucify Him.' It can be through argument, stress, anxiety, selfishness or even having your car towed in Morristown on St. Patrick's Day morning (long story for another time). 

Palm Sunday reveals this shared human condition on full display. In the Cross we see the profound Mercy of God and the deadly potential of the human ego. We wince when we remember that the Pilate's, the Caiphus' and the Judas' were people just like us; people who knew God loved them, but were afraid to give in to this due to anger, jealousy and self-righteousness.

When have you crossed that fine line between Hosanna and Crucify Him.....? 

We've all been there. We all have our hand in fashioning the Cross. The people who Crucified Our Lord were well-regarded folks like us. They just didn't give in.

In this Blessed Holy Week, may we conform to the Hosanna desired in us all. You are capable of this! Let us face the Cross, a sign of our sin and vice, but also a sign of God's greatest act of Love of God now tying up the strong man of death.


God Bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fr. Thomas Fallone





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