Blast from the Past(or)


September 21, 2014

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time


            But, but, it's not fair.......This is a time-tested, battle-hardened objection from many a child to a parent, no doubt familiar to so many of us. It crosses cultural boundaries and eras. I myself utilized this refrain often in my early life, to no effect. Ever. To my many pleas against perceived injustice, my dad usually responded: 'hey: you get three hots and a cot.' What? What does that even mean?! This is a moral outrage that cries to the highest heavens, or even to my congressman. It took me a long time to see the connection between my 'it's not fair,' and dad's seemingly unrelated, out-of-touch response. Reading the Gospel parable of the vineyard owner sometimes elicits my childhood protest. It is certainly not one of the more popular Gospels. The guys who came to work at 5PM are also getting the usual daily wage? But, but........It is a sad fact that we can fall into envy when God is generous to others. But envy forgets that God is always good to us. When we utter the Lord's Prayer we have to whisper that most vulnerable line: give us this day, our daily bread. Such is a reminder that we are owed nothing and are dependent on God for everything. When we're tempted to envy this week, let us be mindful of this debt. Let us shake ourselves from our ego, which a professor of mine called 'superficial justice.' Like a kid, we sometimes no longer think with the landowner, or parent. But through prayer may we come to see reality with the eyes of God, in Whose image and likeness we are made. 



God Bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fr. Thomas Fallone





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7:30, 9:00(Fr. Dillon) & 11:15am Masses

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10am Catechists Breakfast Gordon Hall

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7:30pm Youth Rally featuring Craig Jandoli




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5:15pm Mass (Fr. Tom)



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1:00pm Window Seminar

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