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February 22, 2015

The First Sunday of Lent


'Won't you let me take you on a sea-cruise,' once inquired an old doo-wop favorite. (Do you know the artist? As a kid, I was force-fed such music by my parents, so I know more songs of that era than I care to admit. There was no DYFS back then. Yes, dad really had a '56 Chevy. I shudder to think that mom actually owned a poodle skirt). But anyway, a sea-faring vessel is our setting for this first Sunday of our of Lenten discipline. The voyage however, is not so much an all-inclusive pleasure trip as it is a re-ordering of our lives and an examination of our Faith. Lent commences in the Ark of Noah and highlights the fears and chaos represented by water. While the water can bat us around and even take our lives, the Ark reassures us that God's Spirit hovers over the waters and carries His covenant promise, releasing and reordering life as it was meant to me. As Noah is among the animals of the ark and Jesus is among the animals of the desert, Lent demonstrates how our lives are to be renewed. Let us get on board. If we've ever contributed to the chaotic flood waters, let us now repent, pray, fast and give alms to build up one another and to glorify God. His Promise carries on in the safety of the Ark. His Word will not return void. Let us renew our Covenant with our Heavenly Father in this holy season of Grace.



God Bless you!!!!!!!

Father Tom






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1st Sunday

 of Lent

Masses 7:30, 9:00, & 11:15am(Haiti Collection), Fr. Dillon at 11:15

Boy Scout Pancake Breakfast Gordon Hall

*NO*  Religious Education Classes

*NO* 9th & 10th Grade Confirmation Class

6:30pm RCIA Hinds Room



8:00am Mass

12:30pm Busy Hands

6:00pm Youth Group Gordon Hall

7:00-8:30pm Lenten Confessions

7:00pm ESL, Hinds Room



8:00am Mass



8:00am Mass

6:00pm Our Lady Perpetual Help

7:30pm AA Meeting



8:00am Mass

11:00am Yoga for Lenten Mind & Body

7:30pm Adult Choir



8:00am Mass

8:30am Eucharistic Adoration

6:00pm Benediction

6:15pm Stations of the Cross

7:30pm Spanish Via Crucis



8:00am Mass

8:30am Reconciliation

12:30 Family Faith

5:15pm Mass (Fr. Dillon)



2nd Sunday of Lent

Masses 7:30, 9:00, & 11:15am

12:15pm Family Faith

*NO*  Religious Education Classes

*NO* 9th & 10th Grade Confirmation Class

6:30pm RCIA Hinds Room







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